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  • Our Green Tea Lemon Peel Body Scrub is made with 100% non GMO organic whipped coconut oil infused with shea and green tea butters, organic cane sugar, pink himalayan salt, and lemon peel powder. The natural coconut oil aroma is enhanced with a light velvet sugar scent for a delectable experience. Suitable for normal to dry skin. Moderate to mild exfoliation depending on amount used. Use after washing with LAVE soap. Wet skin, rub in, rinse and pat dry for an AMAZINGLY nourishing experience. Always in stock. Packaged in a tamper resistant container for recycle and safety. Approximately 7 oz.

    Green Tea & Lemon Peel Body Scrub

    • Organic Coconut Oil; Grapeseed Oil; Green Tea Butter; Glycerin; Organic Sugar; Salt; Fragrance & Essential Oil Blend